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Broadway World:

Director Shadi Ghaheri brings a thoughtful approach to the performance, keenly aware of its importance without ever allowing it to veer into contrived emotionality or conceit.

Metro Weekly:
Bound together in anxious silence with the characters onstage, the audience for director Shadi Ghaheri’s gripping staging of Selling Kabul (★★★★☆) at Signature Theatre might have been able to hear the actors’ hearts racing.

Photo Credit: Zoë 

Written By Sylvia Khoury

Directed by Shadi Ghaheri

Scenic Design by Tony Cisek

Costume Design by Moyenda Kulemeka

Lighting Design by John D. Alexander

Sound Design by Matt Otto

Cultural Consultant & Dramaturg Humaira Ghilzai

Casting by Jorge Acevedo & JZ Casting, Geoff Josselson, CSA & Katja Zarolinski, CSA

Production Stage Manager Lauren Pekel

Production Assistant Erica Feidelseit






A suspenseful drama about family and sacrifice from an exciting new voice.

In 2013, a sister secretly shelters her translator brother from an increasingly powerful Taliban while he awaits the ever-delayed arrival of a promised American visa. On the eve of his son’s birth, the walls begin to close in, threatening him, her and everyone they love in a heart-racing exposé with devastating echoes to the present day.

Breathtaking and unpredictable through the final curtain, this unflinching exploration exposes the human toll of American withdrawal.

“[Sylvia] Khoury’s delicately crafted play . . . etches the cost of tyranny, corruption and terror in intensely human terms.”
― The Berkshire Eagle

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