The Girl is Chained


Deb scrupulously maintains the pristine surfaces of her 1990s white suburban life. But when her son is accused of sexual assault, guilt threatens to tear her apart. Twenty years later, Dana seems to be holding it together as a queer black woman in Trump’s America, until her past creeps into her already troubled present. Through visual metaphor and dark humor, The Girl Is Chained tells the story of two women and the night that both divides and connects them. 


By Genne Murphy

Directed by Shadi Ghaheri

Dramaturgy by Molly FitzMaurice


Jose Espinosa

Louisa Jacobson

Amadla Jahava

Kineta Kunutu

DoireannMac Mahon

JJ McGlone

Eli Pauley

Ilia Paulino

Sound design by Tye Fitzgerald
Scenic design by Riw Rakkulchon
Costume design by Herin Kaputkin
Lighting design by Nic Vincent
Projection design by Brittany Bland
Stage Management by Bianca Hooi

Yale School of Drama, 2017


Photo by T. Charles Erickson.